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Marc Daniels – Clear Henna Wax Treatment Ultra Organics is a brand manufactured and owned by Marc Daniels Professional Haircare since its launch in 1998. This Clear Henna Wax is still the same great product you have always loved it’s just had a brand change and through your feedback we have updated the preservative system in line with today’s consumer requests for natural based products. Marc Daniels products have been created using nature’s best ingredients. Designed to nourish hair naturally, our products will leave your hair feeling stronger, softer and shinier. Our Clear Henna Wax Treatment is an intensive hair conditioner, specially formulated for dry, damaged and lifeless hair. This uniquely blended treatment washes away build up, leaving your hair feeling clean, supple and smooth. Contains clear Henna powder for maximum moisture retention and shine without colouring your hair.


SKU: 227-12