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This magical, hefty pot of joy is our true cult classic and best kept secret. 

If you know, you know. 

What is it?

It may be called Henna Wax, but it's neither a hair dye, nor a styling wax.

It's only the most luscious, organic, intensive hair conditioning treatment known to this planet.

Why is it different?

Other hair treatments use silicons to make your hair feel amazing - for about a day. After that, it's dry, ratty and lifeless again. 

Clear Henna wax contains no silicons or nasties, just clear henna and a couple of organic ingredients - yet it will transform your hair into silk and the results last for days. 

How to use it

Scoop it out, pop it on, wrap your hair up and feel the Henna transform your hair into silk. The longer you leave it on, the better. Rinse thoroughly and style.

"Absolutely brilliant. I cannot stop touching my hair. My over-bleached hair feels and looks amazing!!! If it stays on the market for this affordable price I would never buy any other product. I thought that after changing my hair from black to blonde, dry hair was something I would live with forever! At first I didn't want to buy it (simple look and low price) but thank God I did! Works better than any other product I've ever tried."

- Anastasia

"The ingredients are all quite natural and safe (no nasties) and the texture is very creamy. Much thicker than even a lot of salon brands I've spent $30 and above on. I use about half the amount I normally use with other treatments. Don't let the WAX part put you off it is NOT a wax and does not contain Parabens, Silicones SLS or other bad ingredients. At this price and quality there is no reason to use supermarket conditioners!"

- Roman

"This product is the only one I have ever found that consistently makes my hair look amazing by coating the curl enough to stop frizz and prevent matting without weighing down the curl. Furthermore, it is the only affordable product on the market to do this since you need enough to coat the hair and it is all natural - amazing! I even carry a little tub in my purse at all times in case I need some extra control on a windy day or after a swim."

- LucyD

"I have researched and used loads of products and spent a ton of money doing so. This product I keep coming back to. I shampoo my hair and put the Henna on, wrap it in cling wrap and sleep with it. My hair feels so amazing afterwards. If you have really dry hair like I do (bleach blonde) then it may take a few goes to get a silky feel. For a product so cheap it is truly worth every penny and so much more!"

- Lozzag

I cannot stop touching my hair...

The customer reviews speak for themselves!


No nasties_edited.png

"This is amazing. I’ve had salon hair condition treatments that don’t come close to this. I have used this product for over 20 years. I think people ignore it because of the packaging and the low cost. Long may this continue as long as they don’t take it off the market. Haven’t had to got the the hairdressers for 20/30 years!"

- Suzoo

Chemist Warehouse reviews

"Why pay a fortune on fancy brands and salon treatments, when this beauty does an excellent job and doesn't have an ingredient list as long as your arm. I rediscovered this product from 20 years ago and happy it's still around. Great treatment, nice smell and leaves hair smooth and silky"

- Belzy2

"This product is incredibly moisturising and hydrating for hair. It works as a regular conditioner and also for deep treatments. Perfect for those following the Curly Girl system. No nasties!"

- Melissah767

Chemist Warehouse reviews

"I've been using this product for over 20 years. During this time I've continually had perms every 4 months and tints every 8 weeks. My hair is shiny and in good condition - no split ends. I wouldn't use anything else!"

- Super Nellie

Chemist Warehouse reviews

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