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Calm with chamomile.

Your chamomile tea is soothing for a reason! Now you can bring the calming powers of chamomile to your hair. 

Curly girls in particular love this treatment for calming frizzy chaos with no nasties. 


What is it?

A beautiful, calming blend of organic herbal ingredients brings calm and deep conditioning to stressed hair. 

Why is it different?

Other hair treatments use silicons to make your hair feel amazing - for about a day. After that, it's dry, ratty and lifeless again. 

Chamomile contains no silicons or nasties, just chamomile extract, plant extracts and other organic ingredients - yet the deep conditioning results last for days. 

How to use it

Scoop it out, pop it on and sink into calming, conditioning bliss. Wrap hair for even more intense results.

Rinse thoroughly and style.


A dramatic improvement in one application...

The customer reviews speak for themselves!

"Love this conditioner! An essential leave in for curly girl followers"

- Sushiallsorts

Chemist Warehouse Reviews

"Moisturising and light. A lovely, thick conditioner/leave in that’s Curly Girl friendly. Light, pleasant fragrance."


Chemist Warehouse Reviews

"...more than just any ordinary conditioner, I use it as a mask.
The Chamomile extract enhances Blonde Hair as a bonus!


- Ali1984

Chemist Warehouse Reviews

"My hair was, without a doubt, supple and soft and shiny! I had no fly-aways. The thinning hair on my scalp wasn't as pronounced as it had been"

- Stefanie2530

Amazon Reviews

"I tend to use all organic and natural products, this isn't full of nasty chemicals and the chamomile is soothing and good for my blonde hair. Smooths and moisturises"

- Belzy2

Chemist Warehouse Reviews

"I have high porosity hair, works as it says. Usually my hair feels dry after 1 day. My hair feels very supple and moisturized all week and smells wonderful.

Worth it!"

- Pamela

Amazon reviews

"I have dry color treated frizzy coarse hair. I noticed a dramatic improvement in one application. It really did leave my hair much softer than regular conditioner after one use. The jar is huge!"

- GK5040

Amazon Reviews

"Its organic, herbal ingredients are so nourishing. I have been using this for 10 years and my coloured hair always shines with the goodness it delivers at the price of a coffee!"

- Ali1984

Chemist Warehouse Reviews


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