Marc Daniels Professional offers the discerning consumer the opportunity to purchase a complete and comprehensive Salon Professional haircare regime at a very attractive price point. The product is owned & produced here in Australia.

Marc Daniels Professional is a salon-quality range of products developed by formulation scientists using all-natural ingredients right here in Australia that further offers an attractive price point. Given the above industry trends, it’s very well positioned to gain a stronghold in the Australian market, following on from its success in the US. Marc Daniels Professional provides a strong product offering that appeals to a wide variety of customer needs and wants. 

Marc Daniels Professional 2018 is a direct result of our continued natural research towards developing one of the most highly sought after haircare ranges. Marc Daniels Professional Haircare offers consumers the opportunity to resolve individual hair & scalp problems that ordinarily are often difficult to overcome at home. All of the products are Vegan Friendly, totally Cruelty Free & come with zero added Parabens or Sulphates - meaning less irritation for your scalp & less damage when it goes down your plughole!